optometry services
Dr. Rad and her experienced team of optometrists are proud to offer their services right in the comfort of your own home! This is an ideal option for patients who are unable or unwilling to leave their homes.

Dr. Rad visits most parts of Los Angeles county, Los Angeles, Ventura, & Orange Counties, as well as the Inland Empire.!

Our goal is to provide homebound individuals with critical eye services including:

In-Home Eye Care

*Mobile Service Fees Apply
Some patients have problems getting to doctor appointments. Some vital visits have been missed due to the Covid -19 pandemic or just because they do not feel well.

Rad Mobile Eyecare offers a mobile clinic for home-bound patients and patients of independent living facilities. Our Mobile Eye Care provides comprehensive eye care, including health checks and treatment for eye infections.

Patients with chronic conditions, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy, depend on regular eye exams to monitor progression and vision acuity. Putting off regular follow-up appointments can be detrimental and lead to loss of vision. Mobile Eye Care keeps these appointments on schedule and can take the burden off family members for getting their loved ones to the office.

Mobile Eye Care also offers refraction services to obtain prescriptions for glasses, as well as a selection of eyewear to choose from. Dilated exams are possible with our portable eye examination equipment. If further testing is needed, an office visit may be required or referral to a specialist offered.

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Annual Exams / Vision Exams

Vision examinations determine much more than just your glasses or contact prescriptions. Good eye vision depends on more than just the health of your eyes. Overall health and certain medical conditions can affect your vision. The doctors at Rad Mobile Eyecare strive to optimize your vision and eye health.

The vision screening portion of the test pretty basic and short exam. Your prescription is determined from the measurements taken. If problems are detected during these measurements, more comprehensive tests may be needed.

A family and medical history are also taken. Patients with specific health issues that could interfere with eye health or vision will also need a more in-depth examination, such as diabetic patients. Diabetes does not just affect blood sugar levels. It also causes damage to nerves and blood vessels. Good blood vessel health is essential in eye function. Patients with diabetic retinopathy not only require extensive treatment but will lose part or all of their vision if not treated properly.

Diabetic patients will be asked what their last blood sugar reading or their last hemoglobin A1C level, and a dilated exam is also required to ensure the blood vessels in the eye are not bleeding.

For patients that are nearsighted/farsighted/ have astigmatism our team will make and deliver eyeglasses to their door.

If over-the-counter glasses are needed, those are DONATED for our patients free of charge

Vision exams and more extensive exams are both simple and comfortable. Call (818) 937-5405 to schedule your next eye examination.
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Diabetic Eye Care

Diabetic Eye Exams

Diabetes can affect more than just your blood sugar. It can also do some damage to your eyes if you are not careful.

Diabetic eye disease can cause vision loss if you are not careful. It can cause you to have trouble with everyday tasks even if you have regular glasses or contacts. It can even cause blindness.

  • Annual eye exams with dilation are the standard of care for ALL adults with DM-I / DM-II
  • Contributes to MIPS reporting.
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Glaucoma Management

Glaucoma occurs from damage to the eye’s optic nerve and can often lead to loss of vision and blindness. To detect glaucoma, our highly trained doctors will perform a proper screening to determine severity, examine the damage, and help you manage your glaucoma.

Early detection of glaucoma is crucial in preventing vision loss and blindness; the earlier the better. However, there is no official cure for glaucoma. There are several treatment methods that manage, slow down, or halt the process. Treatment for glaucoma will vary depending on the stage and severity for each individual patient.

Checking eye pressure regularly is an integral part of glaucoma care.

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Cataract Evaluations

Recommended annually for all adults over 60.

Cataracts cause a clouding of the lens in the eye, making your vision appear to be foggy. Cataracts are the most common cause of vision loss in people over 40 and are the leading cause of blindness in the world.

Your eyes are meant to naturally adjust to normal light changes, adjust focus, and allow us to see both near and far. Your lens is primarily made up of water and proteins. The proper arrangement of these proteins is what contributes to normal vision. Some of these proteins clump together forming a clouding of the lens.

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Dry Eye Treatment

Dry Eye Care

Older adults are prone to developing chronic dry eye syndrome. Clear vision and eye comfort depend on adequate lubrication. Hydration is required to keep the front surfaces of the eyes healthy.

The main functions of tears are to wash away foreign bodies, prevent infections, and lubricate the eye. Tears are produced by glands around the eyelids, and any excess fluid is removed by tiny drainage ducts in the corners of the eyes. When tear production and drainage are unbalanced, dry eyes are the result.

Many factors are known to contribute to dry eyes, including certain medications, wind, dry climates, air-conditioning, and prolonged computer use.

Mild dry eye or occasional symptoms are typically successfully treated with artificial tears (over-the-counter eye drops). For effective medical treatment in the case of more severe symptoms, the cause of the dry eyes needs to be determined.

Dry eyes tend to be more than just uncomfortable. Dryness can increase the potential for damage to the eye and infections. It is important to find the cause of chronic dry eye symptoms and get treatment.
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Red Eye/Acute & Sub-Acute Care

Eye infections, eye allergies, irritation of eyes and eyelids, and more.

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Hospice / Palliative Eye Care

Incomplete lid closure irritation, infections, red eyes, and more.

Does NOT interfere with hospice/home health coverage.

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